Friday, September 12, 2014


Top and Shorts: custom made / Sneakers: EYTYS

Showed a bunch of my random stuff on this month's Status Invades page of Status Magazine. Sharing a couple of other photos by Kenji O. Thanks for bringing out the Blue Steel in me!

My apologies for the lag in outfit posts, been super busy lately with work and little projects. Will definitely be sharing more looks soon!

Photos by Kenji O

Friday, August 29, 2014


Sunnies Studios / Asymmetric Shirtdress: c/o AstoGroup / Lace Cycle Shorts: American Apparel / Sneakers: EYTYS / Bag: Vintage Il Bisonte

Shirt dresses were never really my style. This one, however, caught my attention due to the pleasantly strange hem. Loving it being literally edgy.

In other news, I thought I'd do some photos before the purple washes out to pinkish red again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! X

Photos by Karyn Ong

Friday, August 22, 2014


White T-Shirt: Bench Basics / Banded Sport Skirt: Y-3 / Heeled Mules: Zara

Sharing some photos from my last feature with Bench B/Blog Celebrating 27 Years with YoungSTAR shot by the ever cool Joseph Pascual. Really awesome to be a part of this white t-shirt styling challenge of sorts! Happy birthday, Bench! 

Friday, August 15, 2014


Sunnies by Charlie / PVC Knit Top: Zara / Drawstring Shorts: Uniqlo / Ayahko Bag: Wabi Sabi / Crepe Sole Brogues: Kurt Geiger

Keeping things super simple in this week's post. I love the boxy form that the top and shorts separately take- the top because of the bonded knit + PVC; the bottoms because of the pleats despite the soft viscose feel. In a recent exchange, a friend asked me what my priorities in dressing were. My top priorities, I realized, were comfort and silhouette. Comfort because I really am too lazy to power through the day in anything painful or too constricting, and silhouette because I get bored easily and love to try different things. Hey, so, I'm (slightly) consistent after all!

Photos by Karyn Ong

Friday, August 8, 2014

08AUG2014 // NEW CROPS

 Drape Top: Giordano Ladies / High Waist Zipper Pants: American Apparel / Ayahko Bag: Wabi Sabi / Mules: Zara

I've been playing around with crop tops more lately and keeping an eye out for different shapes and sizes. Here is one super versatile knitted gem. I think it was originally supposed to be worn different ways using the drapes with a pin, but I love how it looks just like this. A big thank you to high waisted pants and skirts to hide any evidence of laziness/lack of exercise!

Photos by M. Tuason

Friday, August 1, 2014


Look 1-  Zip Bomber: The Artisan / Mens Shirt: CDG Shirt / Shorts: H&M / Crepe Sole Brogues: Kurt Geiger

Look 2-  Mens Shirt: ACNE / Drop Crotch Shorts: CDG BLACK / Sneakers: Andre

Here are the other two looks from the Preview shoot that weren't published. Yes, they are extremely boyish and mostly comprised of menswear or menswear inspired pieces (as my feet are too small for mens shoes). I often enjoy dressing like this, I can tell you that these bottoms are on heavy rotation among similar others. I'm well aware that going full boy-attire does a fine job at repelling men (does that make me a Man Repeller??) but whatever, who needs men when you've got drop crotch pants?? (I'm kidding)

Photos by Jeanne Young

Friday, July 25, 2014


Look 1-  Striped Reverse Shirt: CDG Shirt / Trousers: Costume National / Monk Strap Shoes: Balenciaga

Look 2-  Lawn Tee: American Apparel / Culottes: Vintage (Terriblay) / Sneakers: CDG PLAY

Sharing the looks that were featured in this month's issue of Preview MagazineTinay Villiamel (owner and creative director of Bleach Store) and I were placed under the conversation of Genderless Dressing for this year's Best Dressed issue, and these are the two main looks I came up with that were published in the magazine. The shoot went so smoothly, and the only reason I knew what to do in terms of posing was all due to the direction by the super talented Vince Uy.

Comme des Garçons is the absolute epitome of genderless dressing, its literal translation from French is "Like Boys". Needless to say, I gain a lot of inspiration from Rei Kawakubo's amazing work, and aspire to wear her designs more often someday! I have two other looks that weren't published in the magazine, I'll be sharing them here soon!

Photos by Jeanne Young
Direction by Vince Uy